Low Carbon South East Europe

Corvinus University of Budapest, Regional Centre for Energy Policy Research, Hungary

The Regional Centre for Energy Policy Research (REKK) has been involved in energy-related research, policy advice and educational activities since 2004. The REKK’s core staff include former regulators and university teachers with a background in the economics of regulation, statistics, environmental economics and business sciences. Besides its full-time research fellows and post-graduate and graduate students, the REKK works with a solid base of senior international external experts on a project basis. As an independent organisation with experience in international projects, the REKK is in a position to propose a professional team for this project. In addition to its scientific and methodological experience, its staff possess considerable regulatory and public administration expertise.

The goal of the REKK is to provide professional analysis and advice on networked energy markets that are sustainable both commercially and environmentally. The REKK applies at regional level key principles that have emerged from the experience of Hungary, where restructuring and regulatory issues have been dealt with over the last 15 years. Geographically, the centre’s expertise is applied both within specific countries and in the wider region of Central and Eastern Europe and South East Europe.

In recent years, the scope of the REKK’s activities — in the fields of both research and policy advice —  has been widened to include climate change, renewable energy and energy efficiency issues. The main mission of the REKK is to carry out high-quality policy-oriented research for energy market actors and for policy makers at national, regional and EU level, with a focus on energy policy, regulations and investment needs.


László Szabó
Corvinus University of Budapest, Regional Centre for Energy Policy Research (REKK)
H1093 Budapest
Fővám tér 8



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