Low Carbon South East Europe

Energy Commissioner, Government of Styria, Austria

The Energy Commissioner of Styria (LEB) works for both the administration and the government of Styria and is responsible for the design of Styria’s long-term energy policy as well as for the implementation of proposed measures and instruments. The LEB comprises specialists in the field of renewable energies, the development of buildings, and measures related to energy, energy savings and efficiency, including legislation and financial support. The LEB works at national level (representing Styria) and European level (representing the nine Austrian states, or Länder). The LEB has valuable experience in the transfer of EU guidelines and directives in the field of climate change at regional level, and in formulating low-carbon policy papers. The LEB will use its networks to promote the LOCSEE project (by the dissemination of outputs, results and promotional materials); invite relevant stakeholders to workshops; and support the establishment of a national working group and propose its members. The outputs and results of the LOCSEE project will be used by the LEB to confirm or improve regional energy policy and propose the implementation of new measures and instruments in Styria and beyond.


Wolfgang Jilek
Energy Commissioner
Government of Styria, Energy Commissioner
Burggasse 9
8010 Graz

  • Tel: (43-316) 877-4554
  • Fax: (43-316) 877-4559



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