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JOANNEUM RESEARCH Forschungsgesellschaft mbH, Austria

JOANNEUM RESEARCH is a professional innovation and technology provider with a track record of 30 years in cutting-edge research at international level. It focuses on applied research and technology development, thus playing a key role in technology and knowledge transfer in Styria.

JOANNEUM RESEARCH actively cooperates with the business and public sectors to generate innovations and carries out application-oriented research and development projects to promote technology transfer to industry. It is active in the following areas:

MATERIALS – Institute for Surface Technologies and Photonics
HEALTH – Institute for Biomedicine and Health Sciences
DIGITAL – Institute for Information and Communication Technologies
RESOURCES – Institute for Water, Energy and Sustainability
POLICIES – Centre for Economic and Innovation Research

The focus is on meeting the short- and medium-term technology needs of the business sector. The positioning process is supported by the wide involvement of our committed research staff, continuous coordination with the Dutch research institute TNO (which holds a 10 percent interest in JOANNEUM RESEARCH) and especially the support provided by the Province of Styria.


Andreas Türk
RESOURCES – Institute for Water, Energy and Sustainability
Leonhardstrasse 59
8010 Graz

  • Tel.:  (43-316) 876-1337
  • Fax:  (43-316) 8769-1337



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