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Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change, Greece

The Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change (MEECC) is the main governmental body entrusted with the development and implementation of environmental policy in Greece. The MEECC is responsible for formulating policies on environmental protection; coordinating implementation efforts; and ensuring compliance with the existing legislative framework. The MEECC cooperates with other competent ministries and with regional, prefectural and local authorities. Policies and measures, as well as all other issues and actions related to mitigation, are discussed within the framework of an inter-ministerial committee, comprising representatives from all competent ministries in order to ensure a cross-sectoral approach. The ministry also has experienced in establishing networks of stakeholders from different administrative levels, sectors and target groups.  


Kyriakos Psychas
Advisor to the Minister
Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change
17 Amaliados str.
115 23 Athens

  • Tel.: (30-21-0) 647-5130



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