Low Carbon South East Europe

National Observatory of Athens, Greece

Established in 1842, the National Observatory of Athens (NOA) is the oldest public research centre in Greece. It comprises three institutes, including the Institute for Environmental Planning and Sustainable Development (IERSD). Climate change–related research activities undertaken at the NOA include  estimating and projecting GHG emissions at national, regional and local level; developing relevant analytical tools and models for the assessment of low carbon policies; assessing the technical and economic potential of policies and measures for the reduction of GHG emissions; prioritising GHG emission reduction measures by applying multi-criteria analysis and other decision aid techniques; assessing and monetising the co-benefits of GHG reduction policies and measures; and estimating climate change impacts on different economic sectors.


Elena Georgopoulou
Senior Researcher
Institute for Environmental Research and Sustainable Development (IERSD)
National Observatory of Athens
Lofos Nymfon, Thesseon
11810 Athens

  • Tel.: (30-21-0) 325-6216
  • Fax: (30-21-0) 325-6212



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