Low Carbon South East Europe

Why is the project important?

Combating climate change and reducing GHG emissions are among the biggest challenges facing the European Union. To address this challenge, the Europe 2020 Strategy has set the objective of reducing GHG emissions by 20 percent by 2020 compared to the base year 1990. Forecasts suggest that the SEE region will be more vulnerable than other regions to the impacts of climate change, in the form of diverse extreme weather events.

The SEE region already has experience in introducing measures aimed at reducing GHG emissions through the transposition of EU climate legislation, the drafting of low-carbon policies and the introduction of low-carbon technologies, although progress is not uniform across the region. The main challenges that have been identified are the lack of a systematic approach to creating low-carbon policies, and a lack of knowledge and capacity on the part of public authorities and other institutions dealing with climate change for developing and implementing low-carbon policies.

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